8 Benefits of Buying a Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles are a fantastic option for those seeking a soothing candle that is both better for the environment and better for our bodies.

You’ll genuinely notice the invaluable benefits of good quality beeswax candles in comparison to paraffin or soy candles.

Beeswax candles are more sustainable, healthier, and a far more ethical investment.

We’ve specially selected 8 of our favourite things about beeswax candles, so you’ll know exactly what to look forward to when you try one! Let’s explore some of the following questions:

  • What’s so special about beeswax candles?
  • Why are they healthier alternatives?
  • What are the beeswax candle benefits?

What’s So Special About Beeswax Candles?

You might’ve come across beeswax candles before, but not known what is so special about them. So, what are beeswax candles? And why are they a healthier alternative to paraffin, soy or oil-based candles?

Well, beeswax candles are 100% natural. Female bees produce a waxy substance which is later reduced and filtered into a clean wax. This waxy substance is a by-product that is secreted by the female bees. Over time, the substance slowly gains a sweet honey aroma simply from being stored within a concentrated zone of the hive. This aroma binds permanently to the substance, so it’s solely scented organically through a process of exposure to natural honey sources within the hive.

So what are the benefits of beeswax candles? Read on to find out about…

  • Health Benefits of Beeswax Candles
  • Aesthetics, Scent & Safety
  • Economical and Ethical Beeswax Candle Benefits

Some Benefits of Beeswax Candles

1. Purifies The Home

When we say beeswax can purify the air in your home – we really do mean it. Here’s how it works:

Particles that we can be sensitive to such as dust, mould or other toxins are charged with positive ions.
When burned, and much like a bolt of lightening, beeswax candles emit negative ions into the atmosphere.

The negative ions emitted from the burning beeswax candle act as a natural air purifier by bonding with the positive ions in the air which then neutralises the particles. They then drop to the floor to be swept away or hoovered up.

As a result – there are less of these irritating dust, mould particles in the air, so the air that we breathe is cleaner. This means there are some amazing health benefits of beeswax candles – particularly for hayfever, allergy and asthma sufferers.

2. healthier Candle Option

Cheap, low-quality paraffin or candles are often made using carcinogenic chemicals for colouring and fragrance. This means they produce harmful chemicals when burned. These carcinogenic chemicals can be toxic to your home and health, and even pets!

Do you burn candles regularly?
Long exposure to these harmful chemicals can end up being detrimental to your health over time, particularly if you’re often burning candles in your home.

There’s even research to back this up, too. Experts from South Carolina University recently released findings from a study which showed that long term exposure to cheap candles could increase the risk of asthma and allergies.

Natural Beeswax candles, on the other hand, are non-toxic! They are by far the healthier candle option.

Beeswax candles hypoallergenic properties make them a great addition to your home if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Beeswax candles by Rhoose Point Remedies are totally natural, containing absolutely no cheap fragrances or colourings which can be released in the atmosphere.

8 Benefits of Buying A Beeswax Candle UK

3. Sunlight Radiance

Another reason we love beeswax candles – is because they are absolutely beautiful!

Burning a beeswax candle brings a cosy sunlight glow into your home. Because the beeswax is uncontaminated and pure, these candles burn brighter than a regular paraffin or soy candle would. This gives off a beautiful radiant light to add comforting rays into any room, and automatically illuminates a calming aura within the home.

4. Safer

Due to their purity these candles are dripless, and produce very little soot.

This means you won’t have to worry about any damage to delicate surfaces from hot waxy residue spillages and no sooty smoke, potentially setting off fire alarms! And if you opt for a cotton wick, such as the candles we sell here at Rhoose Point Remedies, you wouldn’t see any of the black staining residue, like you would with other paraffin or soy candles.

5. Gentle Sweet Scent

Beeswax candles give off an incredibly gentle and soft scent.

The scent is collected from the honeycomb itself, meaning your home is filled, ever so slightly, with the scent of authentic honey aroma. Their subtlety makes them a perfect dinnertime candle, as their smell is unintrusive and isn’t overwhelming, so it won’t interrupt the taste or smell of your meal.

6. Environmentally Ethical

Did you know beeswax is far more environmentally friendly?

A renewable resource, beeswax doesn’t release the same plethora of chemicals that paraffin or fragranced soy candles will, making them kinder to the environment.

Opting for beeswax-based products is a much more ethically sustainable option – and not just in terms of candles. Generally, polishes, waxes and food wraps are commercially mass produced using harmful plastics and chemicals. However,  beeswax polishes, waxes, and beeswax wraps are completely free of all contaminants. Our Pure Beeswax Candle is also made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials.

7. Longer Burn Time

Economical benefits of beeswax candles?

They burn far longer than regular candle wax. Due to their purity and lack of contaminants, they have a longer average burn time. This means they actually are super cost efficient, and you’ll definitely get more use for your money. Rhoose Point Remedies Pure Beeswax 300ml Candle burns for up to 56 hours!

8. An Ethical Purchase

When you purchase a Rhoose Point Remedies Pure Beeswax Candle, you are supporting local, and national UK beekeepers who are all members of the British Beekeepers Association. Your purchase is going towards a good cause! The BBKA supports the banning of pesticides in natural bee hotspots, and discourages any trade from imported bee averies. Click the link to read more about the BBKA ethics.

Pure Beeswax Candle Gift
Pure Beeswax Candle Gift

Enjoy Beeswax Candle Benefits For Yourself!

Fancy sampling some of the beeswax goodness in your own home?

Purify the air in your home, and light a gentle sunshine glow with Rhoose Point Remedies’ Beeswax Candle. We use only UK sourced beeswax from local and national apiaries, meaning our candles are an ethical purchase which supports the BBKA. Our candles burn for an entire 56 hours, and give off a beautiful honey aroma which fills your home with a luxury subtle honey scent.

And that’s not all – have a browse at our whole range of Beeswax Products by Rhoose Point Remedies.

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