Natural Dog Paw & Nose Balm

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Heals, protects and moisturises, our Dog Paw & Nose Balm helps heal a cracked/dry nose, cracked/dry paw pads, soothe skin irritations from bites or skin conditions such as hyperkeratosis and eczema, as well as protecting from outside elements.

Helps to keep their paws from cracking in the wintertime from the frozen ground and snow as well as keeps the salt used on roads from icing them from affecting their paws.

Dog balms are great for protecting your best friends paw pads against the outside elements and extreme temperatures. They help add and trap moisture into their pads and are also known to help treat blisters, cracks, irritation and more.

Each ingredient in our Dog Paw & Nose Balm has been carefully selected for it’s nourishing, healing, moisturising and protecting properties as well as being completely lick-safe for your dog. (or cat!)

100% natural, lick-safe, all-season protection for your dog

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Dog paws go through a lot of wear and tear. When out and about or on their daily walks, harsh elements can cause dryness, cracking, and even serious injuries. Protect their little paws with our dog paw balm. Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw & Nose Balm:
  • Heals: Assists the healing of broken or cracked skin such as a dry/cracked nose, dry/cracked paw pads, sore or irritated skin conditions, bites and wounds. 
  • Protects: The balm forms a protective barrier between the skin and the outside world, which protects the skin against the elements.
  • Moisturises: Softens, nourishes and conditions paw pads, noses and skin to keep your dog looking and feeling their best
Dog balms are great for protecting your best friends paw pads against the outside elements and extreme temperatures. They help add and trap moisture into their pads and help treat blisters, cracks, irritation and more. The ingredients in our dog balm have some wonderful properties to help nourish and moisturise their paw pads and nose. Dog paw balm is a necessity in your pet’s routine. While it may be a lesser-known component of pet care, treating your dog’s paws is important. Without proper care, pet paws are prone to a lot of damage, simply from walking around on rough natural and manmade terrain. It has a wax-like consistency, designed to bring back moisture to your pet’s paws. Just like we use moisturiser to heal dry hands or lip balm to avoid chapped lips, our dog’s paws need regular moisturising. The balm forms a protective layer on the skin to shield it from the environment and it does this without clogging up the pores in the skin.
Rhoose Point Remedies Natural Dog Paw And Nose Balm sitting on a rock of moss
Buster Waiting Patiently for his Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw And Nose Balm


The specially selected lick-safe ingredients help cracked and broken skin to repair itself with the aid of natural Vitamin E and Calendula oils.


  • Dry / Cracked Paws
  • Dry / Cracked Nose
  • Wounds & Abrasions
  • Irritating Skin Conditions
Waiting for a dog walk on a sharp rocky beach


The balm forms a protective barrier between the skin and the outside world, which protects the skin against the elements.

This protective layer prevents further harm whilst allowing your dogs injuries to heal faster

Applying Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw And Nose Balm is easy


Our Paw & Nose Balm locks in moisture to the skin, soothes and nourishes broken or cracked skin and assists in skin conditions such as:

  • Folliculitis
  • Ringworm
  • Tick & Flea Bites
  • Hyperkeratosis
All Season Protection for your dog with Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw And Nose Balm
Apply Rhoose Point Remedies Dog PAw And Nose Balm to your dogs paws to nourish, heal and protect


Apply to your dog’s paws to help:


  • Heal dry or cracked paw pads
  • Soothe irritated wounds or abrasions to aid healing.
  • Protect against outside elements such as sharp rocks, hot pavements in the summer and salty/gritty roadsides in the winter.
  • Soften and moisturise paw pads
Apply Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw and Nose Balm to heal your dogs cracked nose


Apply to your dog’s nose to help:


  • Heal a dry or cracked nose
  • Moisten the nose to avoid irritation
  • Soften and moisturise the nose


Dogs are not offended by our 100% natural balm. They love the smell of it! A few licks won’t take the balm of because of the balms consistency.


Apply to your dog’s skin to help:


  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis and hyperkeratosis
  • Soothe other skin irritations, wounds or abrasions to aid in healing
  • Soften and moisturise the skin including skin folds, under belly and ear flaps
Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw And Nose Balm 100% Natural Ingredients
Rhoose Point Remedies dog Paw And Nose Balm is available in 2 different sizes
Rhoose Point Remedies Dog Paw And Nose Balm available in two different sizes
Weight N/A

30ml – Starter Tin, 60ml – Standard Tin, 150ml – Large Tin


  1. BBKA Approved British Beeswax
  2. (Unrefined) Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed
  3. Raw Shea Butter (Unrefined)
  4. Refined Sweet Almond Oil
  5. Vitamin E Oil
  6. Calendula Infused Oil

How To Use

  1. Relax Your Pet
  2. Rub your fingers on the balm to warm it up between your fingers
  3. Apply gently to paws, nose and skin


Recyclable tin

Safety Information

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Although this balm is lick-safe and completely natural we do not recommend for the tin to be left where your pet can easily eat the entire contents of the tin as this may upset their stomach.

For longevity of the product, keep in a cool, dark place.

11 reviews for Natural Dog Paw & Nose Balm

  1. Technophile


    Works really well

    This works really well on the pads of the paws – IF you can apply it without your dog licking it off! I have to wait until my dog is snoring away before applying, but the difference is clearly noticable once it has been absorbed. Feels like a body butter…….

  2. Dan F


    Fragrance free and great value!

    My dog has dry and flakey pads and I’ve been using this for a few evenings now. It works great.

    Simply soften the product using your fingertips and apply to your dog’s pads. My dog was licking it off to begin with (it’s safe), but now I massage it in during the evening whilst he’s sleepy and leave it to absorb.

    Results are visible after just three days. Smooth and moistened pads.

    Comes in a disc shaped tub with a screw top lid. Fragrance free and pleasant to use.

    A little bit goes a long way. No need to scrape out lots of product.

    Make sure you allows to absorb before your dog walks on the carpet / floor otherwise it’ll leave paw marks!

  3. Raine W


    “Works well”.

    This is a good balm for dogs. You do not need to use much of it as a small amount does go a long way. I have been using it on my dog’s paws and they definitely look in better condition now. The smell isn’t too strong and my dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. She does try to lick it off but I do rub it in well so there isn’t much to lick.

    It is packed with natural ingredients and the price is what I would expect for a quality product like this.

  4. G.A.H.


    “Nice ,woof.”

    I got this mainly for my dogs nose as she is always digging up rocks in the dirt and sometimes her nose seems quiet dry . So I used this just to hydrate her nose and stop it drying out after a digging session. I will also be using on her paws to sooth them in the warmer months. It smells nice, is not greasy and a little goes a long way . Pamper your pooch .

  5. catsholiday



    This is a balm for sore or very dry noses and paws.

    We put a little on my son’s dog’s nose – she thought it as delicious.
    She also very efficiently licked it off her paws.
    I think if her feet were bad then they might need wrapping after applying the balm!!

  6. Annie


    “Pretty good so far!”

    Currently using this product on my dog (American Bullweiler) because he keeps itching and licking his paw which has become sore and sometimes bleeds.
    This paired with the antiseptic spray seems to be working alright so far.

    I am very glad that there’s nothing toxic in there because my dog likes to licker it, so I assume it tastes good

  7. Celestial Bliss


    “Lovely balm, great softening and soothing properties”.

    This is really nice. It’s not too hard, too soft or too greasy. It has the right balance and it absorbs well. It’s very easy and quick to apply, you don’t need any pressure at all so it’s not traumatising for your dog. I always give a treat afterwards, to help make it a positive experience, now my dogs love “Balm time”.

    They don’t seem to mind it on, as its really easy to apply a thin layer and it doesn’t have a fragrance so doesn’t irritate them. I personally don’t like the natural shea butter smell, that’s just my personal ‘human’ opinion, but it is definitely better for the dogs. The ingredient are great, no rubbish chemicals, so you can use it with peace of mind.

    Its a good price for the amount you get and what it is and you are helping to support a small business. Would recommend and buy again.

  8. Mrs Hornby


    Good for sore paws

    My boy was limping and found his front paw pad was pink instead of the usual black. He had scuffed the skin off. I tried him with vaseline but had to stop using as he kept licking it off and I was concerned that it would make him ill. This natural paw cream is a perfect consistency easy and quick to apply.

    It is letting the skin heal and giving me peace of mind that it is OK if he decides to like it off.

  9. KP.


    It makes his pads softer after a long walk

    My boy does not seem to mind this being applied. It makes his pads softer after a long walk, so I guess it works. The moisturising should also prevent future dry/cracking within reason.

  10. Mr. A. Dance


    Well made great well chosen ingredients

    Well made great well chosen ingredients especially made for your pets paws or skin irritations see the easy to read instructions, our westie seemed to enjoy this on her paws & nose, will re review if anything changes other than that I would recommend to all as this can be used on cracked or sore skin to ease the discomfort and protect these areas aiding in them getting better

  11. SJ


    “My dogs deserve the best!”

    This dog balm is great for helping keep the dogs nose and all there paws subtle and well cared for, using the dog balm regularly on the dogs noses and paws keep them soft and looking feeling good it helps prevent the dry crusty noses you get on some dogs i explain it in the context if i get hard skin on my heels i make sure i give them a good soak and moisturise them to soften them and get them back feeling and looking good and its exactly what the balm does for my dogs and my dogs deserve the best too.

    This balm is smooth and creamy and melts with the heat of the hands so not much is needed to be effective, the balm is a muted yellow colour and smells nicer than the balm i use on myself for humans! 60g doesnt sound a lot but it is quite plentiful in a reuseable tin which is a ideal size if transporting anywhere as it doesnt need much space.

    Im really taken with this balm its rich and creamy and works really well.

    Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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