15 Interesting And Effective Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea can feel like a disheartening skin struggle to contend with, especially if you feel like you’ve tried everything.

You’re not alone!

Unfortunately, the direct cause of rosacea is not certain, which can make it difficult to treat. However, read on, as we explore 15 interesting and effective treatments which could help you with this troubling condition.


  1. Removing Harsh Chemicals
  2. Identifying Rosacea Triggers
  3. Sunblock
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Aloe Water
  6. Diet
  7. Meditation
  8. Massage
  9. Turmeric
  10. Lavender Pillow Mist
  11. Zinc
  12. Calming Habits
  13. Green Tea Skin Soak
  14. Medical Advice
  15. Organic Rosacea Cream

Ok, so what is Rosacea?

Red bumps, enlarged veins, and inflammation are all classic indications of the common dermatological condition, and often it’s tough to shift once the symptoms start appearing.

Often mistaken for a type of acne, Rosacea is a redness of the skin whereby the blood vessels contract and become visible underneath the surface of the skin.

Unfortunately, the definite cause of rosacea flare ups are not certain. However, triggers tend to vary from person to person, with factors including diet, lifestyle, stress levels, cosmetic products, and even the weather.

effective treatments for rosacea

You may know this if you’ve already visited your GP for rosacea, or done your homework – but the condition varies in four different subtypes. Two of its more aggressive subtypes can be medically treated, however the other two milder forms can be treated by a simple blend of natural treatments and lifestyle changes.

Treating Rosacea Yourself: A Process of Elimination

Frustrating as it is, finding an effective treatment for rosacea may be a process of elimination – methodically substituting different triggers which you suspect are causing your flare ups. It really can just be a case of trial and error. This might seem tedious but it’s the best way of figuring out what causes or reduces your flare ups.

Treating rosacea is all about finding products with anti-inflammatory properties, and tailoring your lifestyle to make sure it is as gentle as possible on your inflamed skin.

The general rule of thumb is when putting anything on your rosacea inflamed skin, it’s always beneficial to use products that are calming, rehydrating and soothing.

Rosacea remedies can be simpler than you may think!

Here are 15 home treatments for rosacea selected by Rhoose Point Remedies:

Remove Harsh Chemicals

Say cheerio to any skin care products which may contain the following ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Lactic acid
  • Menthol
  • Glycolic acid
  • Urea
  • Camphor

These chemicals have been known to cause flare ups and worsen the appearance of rosacea, intensifying the red colour on the skin. Revisit the labels of your topical skincare and beauty products such as:

  • Face Creams
  • Lotions
  • Gels
  • Face Washes
  • Masks
  • Cosmetics

Are you unknowingly using products which contain these triggers? Sometimes, skincare products can claim to help soothe or moisturise, but are actually loaded with irritants and unnecessary chemical fragrances. It may only take a small amount of one ingredient to cause a rosacea flare up, so have a reshuffle of your skincare products if necessary.

Identify Rosacea Triggers

It may sound obvious, but by addressing the root cause of your rosacea can save yourself the trouble and cost of trying to cover it up (and perhaps worsening the condition) with thick coverage foundations and heavy concealers.

Simply eliminating the suspected rosacea triggers can be the easiest treatment for rosacea. This may be a case of trial and error, so be patient.

Use our very own Trigger Finder to find out what’s causing your rosacea flare ups! Annotate an ‘X’ in the boxes of the suspected factors which you are changing to help reduce the appearance of your rosacea. Over the course of a few weeks you should be able to see a pattern emerge, helping you identify the specific trigger/s.

Click here to download and print the table for yourself!

How to use our ‘Rosacea Trigger Finder’
Add in the date, and put a cross next to the possible trigger that you have focused on changing. For example, if your suspected trigger was the current skin products you were using, you’d probably think about changing up your skincare range and routine on the first day. Put a cross in the variable column, and add some notes. Has the change helped reduce the appearance of your rosacea? Has it made it worse?

Eventually, after a process of slowly changing parts of your lifestyle, you should get a clearer idea about which factors are directly affecting your rosacea.


Even if you think the idea of wearing sunblock in colder or darker winter weather is silly – sunblock is a really important way to stop your rosacea from flaring up, all year round.

Rosacea prone skin is sensitive, so it can be easily affected by the UV rays from the sun.

A tinted sun cream might be a good option if you are wishing to cover up your redness and help protect the skin at the same time. Do be careful with your selection of sunblock; many UV protection creams contain fragrances and chemicals which can cause flare ups so opt for sunscreens that are fragrance and paraben free.

avocado, core, fresh

Avocado Oil

Natural oils are a great way to treat your skin, giving your skin the gentle nourishment it deserves.

Avocado oil can do wonders for your skin and its soothing properties make it an ideal treatment for rosacea. It is high in fatty acids which can soak into the skin far deeper than your moisturiser. It also forms a thick protective barrier against your skin and any harsh outer triggers like chemicals and pollutants that may irritate your rosacea. Be sure to opt for an organic rosacea treatment cream that contains avocado oil.

15 Interesting and Effective Treatments For Rosacea

Drinking Aloe Water

Maintaining good skin health comes from the inside out.

The skin must be hydrated from water consumption in order for it to stay supple and healthy. Infusing a little aloe into your water bottle can transform the appearance of your rosacea-inflamed skin, if you drink plenty of water daily.

Aloe water is rich with vitamins and antioxidants that can cleanse your skin from the inside out.

If aloe water is not to your taste, you could perhaps try a soothing aloe vera face wash or cleanser.

Consider your Diet

We all know the age old saying ‘you are what you eat.’ It really is true!

Modern diets tend to be full of sugar, preservatives and chemicals. By swapping processed foods for homemade meals, your skin will thank you for it!

Getting a decent diet full of whole and fresh foods can do wonders for rosacea – and an element of your diet may be the root cause of rosacea flare ups.

Getting a decent diet with a generous supply of healthy fats can really help the appearance of your skin.

Enrich your diet with foods that are packed with healthy fats. Food like coconut, avocado, fish and eggs contain skin-loving vitamins and minerals which can nourish and naturally hydrate your skin from the inside out.


It might sound surprising, but stress could be a trigger of rosacea flare ups.

When we are stressed, our bodies are in fight or flight mode. This can cause the blood vessels to widen and become inflamed as the blood travels through the veins.

Calming your spirit, body and mind with some simple meditation, yoga or tai chi could be one of the most effective DIY rosacea treatments you try. Try out a local class, or check out some online yoga classes on Youtube. If you’re a yoga newbie it might be good to start online – perhaps following online yoga videos created by the well known American yoga instructor Adrienne Mishler.

Try keeping a worry journal to document things that tend to stress you out, and see if these stressors have a knock on effect on your skin.

If life is getting on top of you, try and wind down in the evenings with some aromatherapy meditation as a spiritual treatment for rosacea. You might want to try our calming aromatherapy product range, such as our Aromatherapy Candle for Anxiety, or our Organic French Lavender Essential Oil. 

Perhaps sip a chamomile tea at bedtime, and do ten minutes of meditation whilst the candle and oils release their relaxing aromas. By relaxing more regularly, you can improve your quality of sleep and mindset.

This reduction of stress can do real wonders for your skin, and might just be the thing to reduce the appearance of red blotchy skin!



Getting a massage can be one of the most relaxing experiences your body can have, which can flatten out any mental and physical tension as well as increase blood flow.

Visit your local masseuse for a relaxing massage, or try out our very own Natural Luxury Relaxing Massage Oil, which is perfect both home and professional usage. Blended with pure natural oils, our massage oil has a therapeutic lavender aroma, helping to smoothen out any stress, as well as softening tight or knotty muscles.

Alternatively, a sleep massage might be a great option. Sleep massages can help you get a more restorative and deep sleep. If you want to try a bedtime massage, simply rotate your fingers across your face softly moving from your forehead, in small circles. Work your way down the face and repeat until your face feels heavy, and completely relaxed.

These massage techniques really can help you get a better night’s sleep. And better sleep is linked to better skin! By improving your quality of sleep with these relaxation techniques, it won’t be long before your skin reaps the benefits.


Turmeric has been a super herb used in ancient medicine for millennia.

An antioxidant that’s been used for generations, turmeric is a trusty health all-rounder which has been shown to reduce inflammation in different areas of the body, as well as treat a range of ailments.

Our favourite thing about turmeric is that there’s many ways to consume or apply it.

This trusty herb can be added to a variety of different types of food dishes, added to teas, or simply taken as a supplement.

🌿 There is a Great Tablet Alternative – Taking supplements has never been easier. Remedy Wizard gummies are a chewable alternative to tablets, perfect for those who can’t swallow tablets! Simply chew two per day. These are available on Amazon and for your convenience here’s a link Turmeric and Ginger Vegan Gummies by Remedy Wizard

Black pepper is also thought to help with the body’s ingestion and absorption of turmeric, so turmeric and black pepper supplements can help with your body’s uptake of turmeric. Alternatively, apply turmeric-based rosacea treatments directly on the skin, like a homemade turmeric mask. Have a look at our super simple homemade recipe!

Lavender Spray Pillow Mist

Lavender has calming properties and has been shown to calm dermatological inflammation.

Try using a lavender essential oil pillow mist on a silk pillowcase. The silk fabric will allow your skin to breathe whilst gently exposing it to lavender’s incredible soothing properties while you sleep. This provides double benefits with lavender’s links to a quick transcendence into a good quality night’s sleep, whilst simultaneously keeping the redness at bay.

Ensure you purchase an organic lavender mist which does not contain any harmful ingredients which are derived from natural sources. Try out Rhoose Point Remedies Lavender Pillow Spray here.


Zinc is one of the essential nutrients needed for collagen production and cell regeneration. It also reduces inflammation which can be highly beneficial for rosacea!

Nowadays, the zinc content in fruit and vegetables is less prevalent as soils become less nutrient rich. Consequently, the zinc content absorbed in our fruit and veg is slightly smaller than what it once was.

Try taking zinc supplements, or ensuring that your fresh fruit and vegetables are organic and locally bought from a farmer’s market – where it is more likely that the produce will have been grown in nutrient-dense soils.

There are many Zinc supplements on the market however we recommend these

ZMA Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 are a highly recommended UK Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement

Don’t Be Too Harsh on Yourself (or your skin!)

Treating rosacea is all about patience. Be kind to yourself.

Remember, rosacea is brought on and encouraged by something and it doesn’t just simply occur without a trigger.

Treating this condition can sometimes require lots of patience, attention to detail, and a good recording system of elimination. Even if your rosacea is not cured by anything specific – it can be controlled and managed.

Green Tea Skin Soak

Green tea is another fantastic natural antioxidant that has been shown to significantly reduce signs of inflammation.

Often ingested as a health-boosting hot beverage, green tea can also be applied topically to rosacea inflamed skin. Simply brew a bowl of green tea with multiple tea bags or with ground tea leaves. Keep in the fridge for about an hour, and then soak a gentle face cloth in the tea-infused water. Apply to your face to directly soothe the skin.

Seek Medical Advice

If your struggles persist, it might be a good idea to seek medical advice from your GP or dermatologist.

If you’ve tried eliminating all possible triggers, and substitution isn’t working then your GP can do some routine checks to see if any underlying health concerns could be triggering the skin condition.

Your GP may prescribe you with an anti-inflammatory treatment for rosacea to help manage redness.

Organic Rosacea Skin Cream by Rhoose Point Remedies

Here at Rhoose Point Remedies, we stock our own very popular treatment for rosacea.

Organic Rosacea Cream Moisturiser

Our Organic Rosacea Skin Cream is packed with specially selected natural anti-inflammatories and soothing essential oils.

With handpicked organic ingredients like cucumber, green tea, chamomile and rosehip, this wonderful skin-loving cream gently comforts and calms angry skin.

Our in-house treatment for rosacea contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients, and contains absolutely no parabens or sulphates which have been known to cause skin irritation.

Instead,  the scarlet tinges of rosacea are neutralised, and the skin is left feeling relaxed and soothed. Simply apply morning and night, as a staple product within your daily skincare routine.

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