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Enjoy a great night sleep – Sweet Dreams lavender pillow spray helps you fall asleep faster & feel more refreshed

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Organic Ingredients included in Rhoose Point Remedies Sweet Dreams Lavender Pillow Mist Spray
This product is Vegan Friendly. No animal ingredients have been used in the making of this lavender pillow spray mist
This Sweet Dreams Lavender Pillow Mist Spray is cruelty free.
Reusable and recylable packaging on all of Rhoose Point Remedies products
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the main ingredients

100% Organic Lavender Essential Oil line drawing

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a complex chemical composition including seceral bioactive compounds that may contribute to a better night’s sleep.


Linalool is one of the compounds responsible for the pleasant floral aroma in lavender. It’s known for it’s relaxing and sedative properties and may help reduce anxiety whilst linalyl acetate and terpenes also found in lavender can help keep you calm and relaxed too.

Rose Geranium Ingredient for Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Mist

rose geranium essential Oil

Rose geranium oil has natural relaxant propeties that help influence the nervous system and promote relaxation.


Citronellol is a major coponant in this oil and is known to have relaxing and mood-enhancing properties, great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Geraniol and linalool present in Rose Geranium also contributes this oil’s relaxing and sedative effects.

Cypress Ingredient for Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Mist

cypress essential oil

Cypress oil may help alleviate stress, anxiety and nervous tension and promote emtional balance within the body and mind.


Many scientists believe that the alpha-pinene found in Cypress may intereact with receptors in the brain leading to relaxation and sense of emotional wellbeing whilst limonene (found in most citrus fruits) helps promote a more positive emotional state ready for a good night’s rest.

Eucalyptus Ingredient for Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Mist

eucalyptus Essential Oil

A widely used favourite in aromatherapy, Eucalyptus has many amazing benefits on the limbic system of the brain which is involed in emotions and physiological responses.


Eucalyptol, a compound present in Eucalytpus has been studied for it’s potential mood-enhancing properties and has been found to contriubute towards reducing stress and anxiety whilst Terpenes, camphene and limonene can also have soothing effects on muscle and overall body relaxtion

Sandalwood Ingredient for Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Mist

sandalwood essential Oil

Sandalwood oil has been used historically in religious and spiritual ceremonies due to its grounding and meditative qualities. It is believed to promote a sense of inner peace and is also used regularly in yoga practices to reduce mental chatter.


Scientists believe it’s the compound alpha-santalol and beta-santalol, the main bioactive compounds found within Sandalwood that contribute to it’s positive effects helping to reduce anxiety, stress and nervous tension.

Hibiscus Extract Ingredient for Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray Mist

hibiscus extract

Hibiscus contains a powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin which are associated with various health benefits including vasodilation, which means they help to relax and widen blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow and reduced blood pressure as well as polyphenols, a group of compounds known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

It also smells beautifully floral and helps add to the 100% natural fragrance of this pillow mist without the need for synthetic chemicals

Lavender Pillow Spray benefits
Pillow Spray Mist Customer Reviews
Made in the UK with a Hand Picked Infusion Of 100% Pure Essential Oils.
A complex blend of the gentle floral and woody notes of natural organic Lavender, Rose Geranium, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood oils. This aromatherapy infused lavender pillow spray mist has been expertly formulated to help calm, soothe and relax you for a restful sleep and to wake feeling more refreshed.
Enjoy a peaceful night’s deep sleep with our Sweet Dreams™ lavender pillow spray mist.
Proven to help you fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed come morning.
The Key ingredients are a blend of natural Lavender, Rose Geranium, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood Essential Oils to help calm, soothe and relax you for a restful sleep.
  • Hibiscus Extract helps soothe and relax your body and mind
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Powder helps soothe and relax your body and mind
  • Lavender Essential Oil is a Soothing anti-inflammatory and has a calming aroma. Lavender has been used for centuries for its calming properties, not only of the aroma on the senses but also in soothing inflamed skin. Light, fresh and slightly sweet floral aroma.
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil has remarkable calming effects on the body, helping those who suffer with depression and anxiety
  • Cypress Essential Oil has a fresh, herbaceous and evergreen aroma which refreshes and restores. Comforting during the winter season, it also supports the digestive and respiratory systems
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a woody, yet fresh essential oil that is particularly good for the respiratory system. It is the mildest of all the Eucalyptus and is suitable for use with children and the elderly.
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil is said to improve mental clarity. It’s often compared to chamomile as it’s known to be especially calming to the nervous system and to help to relieve feelings of anxiety.
You may be interested to know that in a study on thirty-one hospitalised patients, administration of lavender showed a trend towards an improved quality of daytime wakefulness and more sustained sleep at night. You can find more information on the scientific studies of Lavender here. Country of origin: MADE IN WALES UK | Vegan Friendly | 100% Natural & Organic | Chemical Free | Ethically & Sustainably Sourced | Cruelty & Guilt Free | Made in Wales UK |

Standard – 50ml, Large – 100ml


Listed in decreasing order of weight of the ingredients

Polysorbate 20
Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate
Hibiscus Extract
Aloe Vera Leaf Powder
Citric acid
Lavender Essential Oil
Rose Geranium Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil

**Does not contain parabens, silicones, palm derivatives, sulphates, artificial colourants, artificial fragrances or declarable allergens**

How To Use

How to obtain the best result:
Best used before bedtime. Spritz 1-3 times, or more as desired at arms length over the pillow and bed linen

Shelf Life
30 months, use within a 12 months Period after opening.


60ml Clear Glass Ointment Jar with 51mm Black Urea Screw Cap which has a liner for an excellent seal and added protection for your product!

Our 51mm Black Screw Cap features an EPE liner which helps to preserve the freshness of your product, whilst also preventing any leakage! The lid’s EPE liner offers excellent chemical and moisture resistance, whilst helping to preserve the product within!

Nominal net.
℮60ml | 2.03 fl.OZ (60g)

Safety Information

Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid use in case of known allergy to listed ingredients. Do not store in direct sunlight and protect from temperature extremes. Always try a small amount on fabrics before use to assess staining potential. Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for ages 5 under adult supervision. For external use only

If irritation occurs discontinue use.

6 reviews for Lavender Pillow Spray

  1. Jenny

    Was gifted this spray as i have sleep issues & use lavender pillow sprays & im in love! It smells devine! I feel its definitely helped me feel more relaxed at bedtime although over my budget unfortunately. However my birthdays in march so ill be dropping not so subtle hints to my other half nearly local company to me an added bonus!

  2. Claire Wensley


    Thank you!!

    To be honest, it’s helping me sleep yes, it is!! Zzzzz

    It’s now called monster spray … We spray it in the bedroom for kids as it helps them sleep and keeps the monsters away.

  3. Susan


    Pillow Spray

    Having somewhat got addicted to using pillow sprays before me and Mr Random turn in for the night I thought that this little glass bottle would be ideal. The blend of essential oils includes lavender, geranium and others, but the writing’s so tiny that I cannot read the side of the bottle!

    It’s great that it’s produced in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. It does seem to work too. The price is *slightly* more than I’d be prepared to pay as I often blend such scents at home, but it’s much cheaper than the leading brand!

  4. Reader C.J (verified owner)


    Beautiful, harmonious blend!

    I’ve tried a few of these type of pillow sprays which are supposed to help with relaxation and sleep with varying degrees of success and appreciation! The problem is to do with personal preference regarding the fragrance as I found that most of them have been far too lavender dominant. Whilst I do like lavender I find it a bit much by itself and it becomes overpowering and irritating rather than relaxing.

    I like this product far more than the others I have tried and find the perfume blend of lavender, rose geranium, cypress and euclyptus very pleasant and relaxing. The fragrances harmonise beautifully.
    I like it so much that I have been using it on jumpers, scarves and face masks as well as on pillows and cushions, throws and shawls – in fact everywhere that I can enjoy the scent all day and not just at bedtime. Whist writing this review I even spritzed a little on my wrist and find that it also makes a lovely subtle body spray too! ( Avoid eyes though if you do this)
    Compared with similar items its not overpriced either.

    The appreciation of fragrance is subjective and what one person loves another will loathe, but for me this is the best pillow/linen spray I have tried.

    Vegan Friendly, 100% Natural & Organic, Chemical Free, Ethically & Sustainably Sourced, Cruelty & Guilt Free, Made in Wales UK – whats not to love?

    I have no hesitation giving 5 stars.

  5. Sacha Stoyle (verified owner)

    Thank you @rhoosepointremedies perfectly packaged and aided great night’s sleeps already! A fab service & quick delivery. We look forward to trying other products! Would make a great gift! Merry Christmas
    Sacha Stoyle Rhoose Point Remedies Pillow Mist Spray ReviewSacha Stoyle Rhoose Point Remedies Pillow Mist Spray Review 2Sacha Stoyle Rhoose Point Remedies Pillow Mist Spray Review 3

  6. Angela Coombs (verified owner)

    Sprayed a little on my pillow, started to read my book and next thing I know I had slept all the way through. I use this every night and have ordered more for friends and family. Beautifully packaged and super fast delivery! Thank you 🙂

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