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Our Hand Poured Pure Beeswax comes from bees that have organically fed on forest, wildflower & gorse blossom in and around the Cardiff area from only the most natural hives. Beeswax candles may also help with seasonal hay fever symptoms 🐝

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Our hand-poured pure beeswax for our beehive candle comes from Welsh bees that have organically fed on forest, wildflower and gorse blossom in and around the Cardiff area. Sourced from only the most natural hives for happy bees 🐝

Used in aromatherapy, Beeswax candles exhibit air-purifying properties. Unlike paraffin candles, they help decrease the number of airborne contaminants, such as bacteria, pet dander, and dust, with its warm fragrance, cleanses indoor environments, and promotes easier breathing

Hay fever season! So many people suffer from hay fever and if you are a sufferer you will know that it can ruin a lovely summer day. Beeswax candles may help with their symptoms. Here’s the science; Beeswax, when burned, emits negative ions which bind with positive ions (such as things floating in the air that are “positively charged” – including dusts and pollens) which can irritate your eyes and nose. Burning unscented beeswax candles can also help asthma sufferers too.

So if you do suffer from hay fever why not give burning beeswax candles a go and see if it works for you.

Meanwhile stay up to date with the latest pollen forecast for your area by clicking the link below.

UK Local pollen forecast

Beeswax is known for its long, slow, clean, smoke-less burn. It not only exudes the aroma of honey but it also produces comparatively brighter flames, facilitates the elimination of airborne pollutants, and promotes the overall health of body and mind.

🐝 Natural pure beeswax

🐝 100% Organic

🐝 Handmade in Wales UK

🐝 This small beeswax beehive candle is 5 cm high and 4.5 cm wide. Moulded in the shape of a beehive with 3 bees

🐝 The beeswax comes from bees that have mainly fed on forest, wildflower and gorse blossom and is sourced from only the most natural hives

Country of origin:

| 100% Pure Welsh Beeswax | 100% Natural & Organic | Chemical Free | Ethically & Sustainably Sourced
| Cruelty & Guilt Free | Made in Wales UK |


New, just in!


We make all our own candles and can therefore guarantee exactly what goes in to each one – just 100% pure beeswax, with a distinctive yet very subtle natural honey scent. We’re based in the Vale of Glamorgan and use traditional candle making techniques to make small batches from fine quality sustainably sourced beeswax combined with cotton wicks. We’re proud to guarantee that each one is completely free from additives such as soy, paraffin, palm or vegetable wax etc

Each batch varies in colour slightly according to which plants bees have visited. This adds to their charm and in turn reflects the changing of the seasons and the variety of foodstuffs available to bees in various locations and at different times of year. The ivory coloured beeswax is carefully filtered using a physical process which avoids the use of bleach.

How To Use

Caring for and burning beeswax candles isn’t rocket science, but there are a few tips and tricks to make your beeswax candle experience even better!

Caring for Unburned Candles

You may notice your candle develop a light matte film over time (this is more apparent on darker candles). There is no cause for alarm! This is a natural phenomenon called bloom and occurs when the wax is exposed to cool temperatures. Some people like the look of it and some don’t. If you would like to remove the bloom, simply buff it with a cloth or use a hair dryer to gently heat the wax. The original shine and colour will come through. If you are using heat, be very careful not to melt your candle!


Our gift boxes are made from recycled board with a paper covering from sustainable forests and our postal boxes are also fully recyclable

Size 5cm
Colour Natural Yellow Bees Wax
Material Beeswax
Brand O2
Item dimensions L x W x H 45 x 45 x 50 millimetres

Safety Information

All candles should be placed on suitable candle holders or surfaces before lighting. Never leave burning candles unattended.

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  1. Linda Howe (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift which was most appreciated. The candle smells glorious and my friends says it seems to have helped reduce the impact of hay fever. It’s very pretty and looks lovely in the room. The packaging was also perfect for a “cheer you up” gift. Very pleased with my purchase!

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