Sustainable Palm Oil

100% of Rhoose Point Remedies purchases are made according to the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) standard.

Rhoose Point Remedies Limited is committed to the principles of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). 

These include

  • No Deforestation
  • No New Plating On Peat
  • No Use Of Fire
  • Protection Of Labour And Human Rights
  • Decent Living Wage

If we include palm oil in our products we purchase only RSPO certified palm oil.

We (Rhoose Point Remedies Limited) certify that the Palm Oil we occasionally use in our formulations is;

• Certified Organic
• Certified-sustainable
• Currently Originates from a farm on the RSPO member list
• We certify that this is the only Palm Oil we buy and use.

For more information regarding the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) organisation in respect of their Vision and Mission for the future use of Palm Oil in the modern day, click here…

Keith Coppuck – Founder & CEO
Rhoose Point Remedies Limited

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